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About iCEMLI

iCEMLI is a robust solution that streamlines the creation and installation of a CEMLI into the E-Business Suite (EBS). This allows for the ease of release/change management.

iCEMLI application is installed into the E-Business environment(s). The creation of an iCEMLI uses the data from the environment to correctly provide object names and other features critical for the installation process to successfully occur.

The installation of an iCEMLI provides detailed log messages. This makes the feedback from failed installations easy to diagnose.

A detailed audit trail of what was installed, when and by who is included within the product.

Configuration Extension Modification Localisation Interface (CEMLI).

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Key Features

  • Integrates into E-Business Suite.
  • Uses your custom application. No hard coding.
  • Uses E-Business Suite security for user credentials.
  • Can create and install 29 different types of E-Business objects (including workflow).
  • Removes the need for messy install scripts.
  • Easy to use web interface.
  • Robust audit of CEMLI installations.
  • Detailed reporting.
  • Allows for segregation of duties between developer and installer of CEMLI.
  • Can create and install 13 different types of database objects.
  • Uses E-Business Suite utilities to create and install CEMLI.
  • Works with R12.1.3 & R12.2.x
  • Detailed operating system files without the need for FTP.



iCEMLI is a web based application that works within a EBS environment. The application will make the process of moving a CEMLI from one EBS environment to another very easy. iCEMLI removes the need for complex install scripts, that can often cause problems. iCEMLI provides a common method for the extraction and installation of CEMLI’s, with robust detailed reporting. This cam reduce implementation times of a CEMLI through the use of a standard process.

User Interface

The iCEMLI product is an easy to use web based application that requires no client/PC installation to use.


EBS user credentials are required to login to iCEMLI. The use of Role Based Access Control (RBAC) within EBS will determine the user’s privileges within the product. To allow for the segregation of duties between a person who creates an iCEMLI installation pack, to the person who installs the iCEMLI.

Create Process

A user friendly screen is presented showing a list of objects that can be used for a quick and accurate creation of an iCEMLI install pack. This process is a simple click’n’add to include the object.

Different types of objects can be included during the creation process. These are E-Business Suite, Database and Operating System FIles (including permissions).

Figure 1: Operating System File Selection Screen

The drag’n’drop feature makes it very easy for the user to change the installation order of the objects chosen.

Detailed log messages are generated to allow the user to review the problems that may have occured during the creation process.

Install Process

The install process has a user friendly web interface. This process allows for the review of the iCEMLI without installing the objects.

The installation provides detailed log messages of each object to quickly identify the success or failure.


The reporting function of the iCEMLI is accessible by assigning a specific role to an EBS user login.

The reporting function allows the user to report on:

  • Object types
  • Object names
  • Objects installed within a given date range
  • Who created the iCEMLI install pack

“iCEMLI allowed for efficiencies in quality and speed for creating and install CEMLI’s during the project In comparison to previous projects.”Tony Santoro UXC Red Rock Project Manager

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